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General Chemistry

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The Eternal Quest for Practical Low Bandgap Polymers

Seth C. Rasmussen*, Spencer J. Gilman, and Wyatt D. Wilcox   

  1. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, North Dakota State University, NDSU Dept. 2735, P.O. Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050, USA
  • Received:2022-11-22 Accepted:2022-12-18
  • About author:Email: seth.rasmussen@ndsu.edu (S. C. R.)

Abstract: The bandgap (Eg) of conjugated materials effects a variety of critical properties such that efforts to control the bandgap have become a basic tenet in the design of conjugated polymers. One goal of such efforts is to minimize the Eg with the goal of producing technologically useful low bandgap (Eg < 1.5 eV) polymers. This perspective will introduce the two primary approaches to low Eg polymers (i.e., quinoidal systems and donor-acceptor frameworks) and discuss important new directions for both design principles.

Key words: low bandgap, narrow bandgap, quinoidal, donor-acceptor, ambipolar units

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